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Training programs

We help professionals to improve their skills

A doorway to infinite possibilities is what we open through Merit Global Training's Programs.

MGT offers highly demanded training and skills development programs that normally run for two to three days. If you are looking for the best corporate training services, MGT is the place for you. MGT's programs are not run-of-the-mill mass market training workshops – they focus on specific skill set development and a broader general management perspective, based on experiential learning and interactive exchange.

The range is as long as the Nile itself – from technical and soft management skills for front line officers to leadership and strategic management courses for Senior Management. Add the valuable element of peer networking and camaraderie to the cross industry learning experience, and you have programs that offer unparalleled corporate training and development opportunities. Effective corporate training programs play a vital role in taking a business to the next level. MGT's public training programs have been devised keeping the modern requirements of the corporate world in view. With our trainers' vast experiences, we understand the requirements of corporate world well and offer them the best training solutions as per their requirements.


Banking and Finance Training

Programs which enable individuals to enhance or garner skills in specific Banking and Financial domains.

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Data science training courses are making individuals more innovative and smarter in many ways.

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Behavioural Training

To gain competitive advantage and enhanced productivity by deploying behavioural training solutions.

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Insurance Industry Training

Being in insurance industry, you need to ensure your training has been perfected to meet its ever changing needs.

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Telecom Industry Training

High-quality consulting and skills development for telecom businesses and Government organizations of all sizes.

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Oil and Gas Industry Training

Our curriculum includes introductory to advanced training in key technical and management areas of Oil and Gas sector.

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Quality Management Training

Helps you understand the fundamentals in achieving maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest overall cost...

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Digital and Innovation Training

Learn how to apply agility, design thinking, lean methodology, and new management models.

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IT Security Training Courses

Taught by leading security practitioners, provide hands-on training with practical exercises and case studies.

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Human Resources

From the latest techniques in selecting and recruiting of employees to the engagement of employees and retaining the top employees.

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Sales and Marketing

Good marketing and sales are key to successful business. When marketing is done properly it produces sales and happy customers that will increase...

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DevOps Training Programs

Train with scenario-based Learning Paths and many Courses, Quizzes, and Hands-on Labs.

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Project Management

The high level maturity of project management can be achieved in organizations when the projects are selected and managed effectively.

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Risk Management

If you have the ability to control your risk, then you can manage your risks. You just need to find out how to protect your business on daily basis in order to...

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Agile and Scrum

You've made the decision to adopt an agile approach, but what's next? Get trained by industry experts and get certified.

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